Animal Drive-Bandfoto

„As advocates of harder rock music they even push forward to the realms of metal. [...] Their musical handwork leaves a powerful, in addition, thoughtful impression.“
Just because of their adventurousity on different styles it is difficult to pigeonhole the band. [...] There are no concrete role models; their music’s described by the feeling, it arouses.”
„Their guitar-dominated music offers a versatilely powerful, diversified style, which spectrum reaches from sensitive and melancholic through gentle and morbid up to insane and inexorable. [...]
You can expect a cumulative charge of energy. A music that expresses the uniqueness and the human vitality of this group vocally and instrumentally clear and powerful.”
the press

Birth: 1996
Cluster: Alternative Progressive Rock
Location: Potsdam, Germany
Guilty parties:
Jeffrey – Vocals
Micha – Guitar
Kai – Bass
Till - Drums